Our Approach

Our Approach

Your Personal CFO

Many of our clients think of Windsor Advisory Group as their personal CFO. We advise them on key financial matters, create and monitor their financial blueprints and simplify their financial affairs.


Your Advocate

As professionals, it’s our job to look out for you. To accomplish this, we believe in aligning your financial make-up with your long-term goals, needs and passions. We customize your plan based on your financial priorities, your financial situation – and your life. We also understand that your life is about much more than the numbers on a financial statement. Getting to know you makes it possible for us to identify and challenge anything that stands in the way of your financial success.


Three Threats to your Wealth

We understand that you’ve achieved many financial successes, and you naturally want your hard-earned assets to last. We will help you come to terms with, and properly counter, the three most common threats to your wealth preservation:

  • Taxes that consume wealth
  • Inflation that erodes wealth
  • Emotions that devastate wealth

We prioritize the preservation of your assets. It’s the core of our investment management approach.


Objective, Results-oriented Advice

Because we are an independent firm, we don’t have to answer to large corporate overhead or shareholder interests. We are registered as an investment advisory firm, and as a fiduciary, we only offer advice that is in your best interest. Our client fees are our only source of income, which means there is no direct or indirect revenue that might cloud our judgment or guidance. We only work for you.


Trusted Experience and Expertise

At Windsor Advisory Group, our team works hard to earn your trust. We believe this can only be accomplished through a series of unbiased decisions that continually have your best interest in mind. Open communication is critical, although we also understand the importance of discretion when dealing with personal matters.

To learn more about our services that are designed to protect and preserve your wealth, contact us at (614) 545-0300 or info@wag-llc.com.

Your financial future should be determined by your dreams, desires and goals ‒ not changing tax laws.