Our Approach

A closer look at Windsor’s family office services.

Asset Management

At Windsor, we create and implement a goal-aligned and holistic investment strategy that identifies and provides access to unique investment opportunities, leveraging our network to review, advise, and execute significant financial transactions.

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Mission Aligned Strategy Development, Planning and Oversight

We apply our experience and training to facilitate (and often coach) a process to develop your strategy, then refine and optimize it as your life and situation evolves.

Family Financial Support and Education

We leverage Windsor’s experience in coordinating, hosting, and contributing to meaningful family meetings. We consult family members regarding their personal financial plans and interaction with the family’s broader plan.

Accounting and Reporting

Windsor provides comprehensive financial reporting, review, and a quarterly balance sheet with an investment rollforward. In addition, we monitor client transactions, provide monthly reporting, as well as ongoing forecasting for cash management.

Tax Planning and Compliance

We review tax returns using our experience and historical knowledge of the family’s ongoing financial strategy. Then we evaluate tax-efficient solutions for transactions including those related to business interests, executive compensation, and equity awards.


*All tax issues should also be reviewed with the client’s tax professional.

Estate Planning and Management of Structures

We maintain a comprehensive summary of all estate structures and entities. We prepare an estate projection to assess existing structures and future planning opportunities.


*Please consult your legal counsel for advice related to your particular circumstances.

Risk Management

We evaluate the insurance agent/team and review coverages to recommend proposed changes as needed. We also leverage Windsor’s network for partners to consult on risk management needs.


Philanthropic Endeavors

We explore passions and advise on financially efficient funding. We also oversee evaluation and execution of charitable structures and strategy.

Let’s dive deeper

The Windsor investment philosophy.


A dynamic approach that evolves with a client’s goals, objectives and circumstances.

With certain life events a client’s goals and objectives can change. Windsor’s ability to adapt enables us to prioritize their needs and provide the solution that we believe best moves them forward.

We prioritize the preservation of your assets.

We assess the risks posed by these three threats to your wealth and implement measures to mitigate them, safeguarding your financial assets:

1. Taxes that consume wealth

2. Inflation that erodes wealth

3. Emotions that devastate wealth

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