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Asset Management

At Windsor, our holistic strategy encompasses your entire financial picture, taking into account all of your assets. A key responsibility of ours is the management of your financial assets, meticulously crafting and optimizing a comprehensive investment strategy that aligns seamlessly with your goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

Enhanced Diversification

By strategically utilizing both public and private investments across asset classes, as well as incorporating business interests and other direct assets, clients can reduce the systematic risk and volatility of their net worth, not just their investable assets.


We work with clients and their related entities to build custom portfolios diversified across public and private markets around the globe. We view this as a better approach than creating model portfolios that lack customization to client circumstances.

Tax-Conscious Investing

It is important to evaluate opportunities
on both an after-fee and after-tax basis, and
to consider asset location and active tax management strategies.

Maintain Discipline

In order to maximize returns, we strive to keep portfolios fully invested and manage changing goals and objectives as efficiently as possible, while avoiding market timing and behavioral biases that can erode returns.

Windsor’s approach to building a highly customized investment portfolio.

manager selection approach


  • Focused strategy and track record
  • Sized to the opportunity set


  • Repeatable process
  • Systems to implement and execute


  • Manager with significant investment (alignment)
  • Extensive experience
  • While we strongly consider key personnel, we favor managers with a deep team

Investment Plan Review

Clearly defined objectives relative to long-term goals

  • Timeframe
  • Liquidity
  • Tax implications
  • Cash flow needs
  • Restrictions

Custom Investment Plan

  • Long-term allocation targets
  • Built and managed over time, considering changing circumstances and opportunities
  • Forecast capital calls and distributions, and incorporate with client cash flow needs

Allocation Framework

Enhanced diversification that transcends COOKIE-CUTTER METHODS

  • Cash
  • Public Debt
  • Public Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Structured Credit
  • Private Equity/Debt
  • Real Estate

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