Custom Cash Flow & Investment Plans

Custom Cash Flow & Investment Plans

We Put Your Interests First

As your personal CFO, we implement intelligent strategies and tailored services that strive to protect and preserve your wealth. Our strength lies in our ability to tackle complex financial circumstances and structures and use that understanding to simplify matters for you. Here’s a breakdown of our approach.


Financial Analysis & Goal-Setting

The most important question we need to answer is: “What do you have and what is it for?” This typically requires the following:

  • Aggregating all the details of your financial assets and liabilities on one page so you know where you stand
  • Articulating your short & long-term goals and mapping the path to get there
  • Partnering with your trusted professionals (accountants, attorneys, life insurance providers) on your behalf
  • Advising on life events such as a business transition, wealth transfer, asset finance or acquisition, and philanthropic gifting


Strategic Planning

As problem-solvers, we thrive on developing creative solutions that steer clear of the standard models. We instead use our extensive experience and technical know-how to create a diversified, tax-efficient cash flow/investment plan that aligns with your specific goals. This may include:

  • Budgeting for daily needs
  • Acquiring, financing or selling assets
  • Selling businesses
  • Planning for wealth transfer
  • Executing philanthropic desires


Creating and Managing your Investment Portfolio

We build a unique investment plan for each and every client. We use our access to niche private investments to create client portfolios that  are structured to manage liquidity for known and unknown cash needs while providing the potential for greater risk adjusted returns.


Trusted Referrals

Although our primary focus is on asset management, we have established relationships with professionals who we believe are excellent in their fields, such as private banking, accounting and law. If we sense that your team of advisors could be strengthened, we can take an active role in that process, although we receive no fee for these referrals. If requested, we’re happy to lead your team as we coordinate a cohesive financial plan for you.

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Your financial future should be determined by your dreams, desires and goals ‒ not changing tax laws.