We believe we have a responsibility to tell you what you need rather than cater to what you want.

Marrying your assets with your passions

We take the time. We of course need to understand your financial holdings and circumstances. But we also want to know who you are, what's meaningful and fulfilling to you and your family. That's where we start.

Then we challenge traditional financial mindsets. We believe success arises from aligning your wealth and investment management with your long-term needs and passions. It's a powerful approach that's fueled by these fundamentals:

Singular advocacy

Selling specific financial products isn't our mission. We're not wed to any companies or investments. As a result, we fully customize your plan based on your specific financial priorities and what works best for your financial situation and your life.

To do that, we look much deeper than the numbers on your financial statement. By knowing you, we can identify your blind spots and help you overcome areas that stand in the way of success. As your personal financial advocate, we firmly believe we have a responsibility to tell you what you need rather than cater to what you want.

Objective, results-oriented advice

As a small firm, owned by three partners, we're not bound by large corporate overhead or shareholder interests. We're independent. We've been registered as an investment advisory firm for more than a decade, and as a fiduciary, only offer advice that's in your best interests. Windsor’s only source of income is your investment management fee.  There are no other sources of revenue – direct or indirect – that might cloud our judgment and guidance. 

While we've seen some impressive marketing campaigns by our competitors, we instead focus on execution. We believe it delivers better long-term results that help our clients achieve their goals.

Trusted expertise

There is confidence in our numbers: over 75 years combined experience in wealth advising and hundreds of millions in assets under management. Our partners include two certified public accountants* and one chartered financial analyst. Before the creation of Windsor, we served high-income clients for well-respected institutions such as an affiliate of the former Banc One Corporation, KPMG and Key Investments.

We often serve as a liaison for extended families, too. We believe more than one person in your family needs to understand the scope of your portfolio and the intentions behind your plans. We encourage families to openly communicate about these critical matters; we're often a trusted partner and guide in these discussions.

Let's talk about what wealth means to you

To explore what Windsor Advisory Group can do for you, please contact us at 614-545-0300 or info@wag-llc.com.