We work with you to pinpoint your primary goals then define a diversified, tax-efficient investment plan that’s best suited to you and your family.

Smart, innovative approaches to meet your goals

We describe our approach to service as your Personal CFO. At its core are tailored services and smart, sometimes unexpected, strategies that strive to protect and preserve your wealth. We learn what's important to you, and are available at any time to advise you on key financial matters and decisions.

Our target clients are individuals or families with assets between $5 million and $100 million. We excel at deciphering complex financial circumstances and structures for sophisticated clientele. In the end, we strive to simplify your financial matters and help bring you personal fulfillment in, or from your financial achievements.

Here's an overview of the services that strengthen our role as your Personal CFO:

In-depth financial analysis

First, we get to know you and the makeup of your current financial picture. We'll ask a lot of questions to gain a clear understanding of your finances. Only then do we begin to develop recommendations. Some of the common steps at this point include:

  • Reviewing details of all assets and liabilities
  • Preparing a personal financial statement
  • Examining cash flows
  • Evaluating retirement plans
  • Understanding gifting and wealth transfer plans
  • Learning charitable objectives
Custom solutions

We love to tackle problems and develop creative solutions. We eschew standard models. Instead, informed by our broad experience and our technical savvy, we pinpoint your most hoped-for goals then define a diversified, tax-efficient investment plan that's best suited to you and your family. This can include addressing daily financial needs and budgeting, acquiring and financing personal property, selling businesses, planning for wealth transfer and executing philanthropic desires.

Carefully chosen money management

Wealth preservation is critical to our clients. We evaluate investment choices by studying how money managers perform in down markets. Surprising? Minimizing losses relative to the market actually can lead to long-term premium returns. We thoroughly vet and continuously evaluate the money managers running the investments we recommend.

Niche investments

Exploring niche investments often creates lesser-known opportunities for returns that may beat traditional markets. These options can generate returns driven by assets with little or no correlation to traditional capital markets.

Trusted, high-end referrals

While we focus exclusively on asset management, we have established relationships with professionals who excel in related fields such as private banking, accounting, and law. If we sense your team of advisors could be strengthened, we can take an active role in helping build a stronger team. We receive no fee for these referrals. If requested, we're happy to lead this team as we coordinate a cohesive wealth management plan for you.

Let's talk about what wealth means to you

To explore what Windsor Advisory Group can do for you, please contact us at 614-545-0300 or info@wag-llc.com.