The events that have created your wealth will likely never happen again – preservation of what you’ve created is paramount to me.

Harry M. Dye, III (Trey), CPA*, Principal

Trey became a CPA after college as he began his financial advisory career. In 1995, he joined Banc One Investment Advisors. Here he learned the importance of "preserving" a client's wealth and delivering client centered advice. The latter became the basis of his founding Windsor Advisory Group and still resonates today.

Trey can organize, analyze and report on any individuals overall financial picture. He always starts with "a clean sheet" and then learns the facts and circumstances particular to the individual and begins to formulate recommendations.

His clients are always his priority and focus. He is hands on and totally committed to provide all the financial advice. He solves for a solution and overall best advice. Nothing is boiler plate with Trey – always customized to the client.

Standout Skills

Personal Finance and reporting.

Notable Qualities

Analytical. Empathetic.


Banc One Investment Advisors
Managing Director/Financial Planning


The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Science degree and a major in Business Administration.

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